Practicing Yoga Together Will Strengthen Your Relationship – Here are 3 Reasons Why

written by: Kyneret Azizo

These days, I’m noticing that more and more couples are sharing their yoga practice. They’re carving out a special time from their schedules to include these kinds of mindfulness activities which they can participate in together, rather than on their own.

I find this very endearing, as for me, it indicates the depth and authenticity of a romantic relationship. It’s evident that both partners not only want to spend time together but are actively involved in supporting one another through the process of self-growth. I think it’s sweet to catch lovey-dovey couples holding hands in savasana at the end of my classes – it always melts my heart!

It’s got to be incredibly fortifying to a romantic relationship to practice yoga together regularly, or at least for couples to have a solid individual practice that they can enthusiastically share about.

Here are just a few ways that practicing together can transform our relationships:

Develop integrity

When we step onto our mats, we step into our practice in a raw and humble manner. Let there be no attempts to hide any aspect of ourselves from others (or from ourselves) at this time. Regardless of how unpleasant it may seem to us at times, yoga is about opening up to who we are and seeing all of our shades and hues in their entirety. The intention is for this attitude to move off the mat with us into our daily lives!

If we’re practicing with our partners, it’s a beautiful thing to let them see us in this kind of natural light. For some, that could mean having no makeup on, wearing plain gym clothes (when the lulu faves are in the laundry!), or having our hair tied back in a messy bun or ponytail. Showing up to our practice means relentlessly showing up as we are, despite any of our self-proclaimed flaws.

With our sweat glistened face, occasional wobbles and teeter-totters in challenging poses, a sometimes laboured breath, and maybe even some involuntary tears, we’ll still be there with a resilient attitude, unashamed to be who we are on the mat.

As we allow ourselves to show up in this way we eventually develop sincere acceptance for who we are, and we’re then less afraid to be ourselves in our relationships. When we give ourselves permission to be who we are, we are also giving our partners permission to be their authentic selves when they’re with us.

Deepen your connection with one another

Our individual yoga practice is capable of producing remarkable transformations in all our relationships, due to fact that it creates shifts within ourselves, first. Essentially, the stronger our connection with ourselves is, the stronger it will be with others.

The space that yoga creates within the mind and body is invaluable and makes itself known through all areas of life. In our relationships, it shows up in our ability to be truly present with others; to nonjudgmentally listen to them with the utmost attention; to be receptive to their needs and in our ability to both transmit and receive affection.

If a couple is practicing yoga together, these qualities are naturally elevated between the two of them, and a whole new kind of dialogue is free to ensue between them as a result of the growing inner clarity they are each fostering. This dialogue is an energetic communication which provides access to a much more heartfelt level of understanding of one another, thereby deepening the connection they have.

Improve your love life

Once we’ve developed trust and security in ourselves and our partner, and have opened up these new communication channels with them, it follows that we’ll experience a more intense level of intimacy with them. I feel that these are the key requirements in cultivating a healthy love-life.

The heightened sensitivity we develop from yoga and meditation already leads us to experience more pleasure during moments of intimacy – physically and emotionally. But the receptivity we develop toward our partner’s emotions makes it doubly pleasurable to intimately connect with them. It’s like a positive feedback loop; ecstatic pleasure between two partners exponentially increases as they reflect back feelings and sensations to one another.

Also, yoga or any kind of physical activity, in general, makes us feel more alive and more attractive. We radiate sexiness on so many different levels! Personally, I’ve never felt more attractive than right after a yoga practice – and it always seems to be confirmed by the multitude of ‘double-takes’ I get when I’m streaming through the rest of my day with that yoga glow vibe!

What’s the real takeaway here?

What is continually at the root of any relationship we can possibly have? Ourselves, of course! We are that root; the common denominator in all of our relationships. Any problems that arise with others can all be traced directly back to us. When things are going well, we’re likely in our element and emanating positive vibes that can be felt real-time by others we interact with.

Our relationships flourish as a result of the inner work we do on our own.
That means it’s important to stick to our own practice, even if our practice occasionally falls out of sync with our partner’s, due to life’s unexpected hiccups.

If you make sure your cup is full, you’ll always feel complete and content in your relationships and will have plenty to give to others. When our basic needs are fulfilled, we are better able to provide for others.

If we remember this simple truth, we will never lead ourselves astray in our endless pursuits to make other people love us and treat us the way we want to be treated.
That is the greatest relationship we can ever be in!

Happy Valentine’s Day and don’t forget to love yourself first! <3

Love and Light,



Kyneret has been practicing and teaching yoga for over a decade. She began as a yoga teacher for Modo Yoga Maple in 2012, and has recently set off on a nomadic adventure to South East Asia. She remains active within our Modo community as a blog writer.

When not writing, she is fully immersed in the day-to-day adventures of travel life and actively seeks out as many foreign yoga experiences as possible to further her knowledge and skills! You can follow Kyneret’s travels on her instagram account @planes_trains_autoimmunity