The Issues In Our Tissues

written by: Kyneret Azizo You may have heard this comical phrase in a yin yoga class. I’m certain I’ve said it myself: “We’ve all got issues in our tissues.” It elicits some chuckles from students and helps take the edge
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Practicing Yoga Together Will Strengthen Your Relationship – Here are 3 Reasons Why

written by: Kyneret Azizo These days, I’m noticing that more and more couples are sharing their yoga practice. They’re carving out a special time from their schedules to include these kinds of mindfulness activities which they can participate in together,
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It’s Time For Savasanahhh!

written by: Kyneret Azizo Happy New Year! It’s that special time of year again. Each January we hold our 10-day Savasana Challenge to inspire our students to stick around a little longer on their mat at the end of practice.
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