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A Place For All, a Practice For All.

As you may already know by now, Moksha Yoga has officially changed its name to Modo Yoga all across Canada, thereby uniting with all of its international studios that were already operating under the same name for the last several years.

Apart from the drive to internationally unify the brand, the decision stemmed from the need to stand apart from many other organizations with the same name, Moksha, in various other industries all over the world. It also stemmed from the desire to reflect what Moksha is really all about today and how we wish to project ourselves into the world. A name says quite a lot, after all.


10 Snapshots of Gratitude from Koh Phangan

In light of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday I chose to take snapshots of 10 things I’m truly grateful for while experiencing life on the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Normally when I practice gratitude and document the things that I appreciate in my life, I write them down in my journal. I imagine others do the same. But why not also capture them in full vivid colour, so we can look back at them from time-to-time and get lost in beautiful memories? What better way to cultivate a continual mindset of gratitude than to return again, to the visions which sparked a feeling of deep reverence and appreciation within us?


5 ways to press your reset button at the autumn equinox

What comes to mind when you reflect on the phrase, “new beginnings?”
When I contemplate the meaning of these words it brings up a feeling of freshness in my mind. It feels a lot like opening up a big set of windows and allowing the breeze in. New ideas, fresh ways of thinking and a clearer perspective on life are all free to flow through. The prospect of renewing my wonder and zeal for life creates a feeling of inner resolution.

In a lot of ways, fall can feel like New Year’s, particularly for those who are commencing a new semester at school or returning from a lengthy summer vacation to their job. It is therefore a great time to check in with our intentions and resolutions.

Have we lost the connection with what matters most for us in life? Did our sense of direction wane at any point during the year and what can we do to plug back in to the circuitry of innovation, imagination and continual regeneration even throughout the idleness of winter, which is just around the corner?


Yoga during summer: Here’s why you should keep it going!

We totally get it – it’s hot outside. The weather is gorgeous and you certainly cannot take that kind of thing for granted – not as a true Canadian! You want to go out and enjoy the sunshine and the warm summer breeze and get a good dose of the natural healing elements. There’s opportunity for a vacay. And there are so many cool events taking place all over the city that you probably want to go to!

But what happens to your rock-steady yoga practice (through the fall and winter months) once summer comes along? Like the best friend we might neglect as soon as we are swept off our feet by new love, summer comes along and sweeps us off our yoga mat, leaving it to sit alone and collect dust as we ride off into the sunset of summertime fun!


3 Simple Ways To Step Up Your Savasana Game

I’m sure many of us would agree that savasana is the best part of any delicious yoga practice. Arriving at the savasana portion of your practice sometimes feels like arriving at your final destination after very long and arduous travels– each requiring a hot shower and a hearty meal after!

You eagerly stretch yourself out on your mat, finally getting a chance to pause within the vibration of your practice and the pulsing of your heart, feeling even more grateful for the transformation you are witnessing firsthand. You let out a big sigh and think, “Ahhh……this is it! The moment I’ve been waiting for.”

Paria Yoga

How to (really) listen to your body in your yoga practice

How many times have we all heard the favoured aphorism, “Listen to your body,” while immersed in a yoga practice? I’m sure that the number of times I’ve heard it (plus said it!) would compete with the number of yoga classes I have actually ever taken in my life.

But what does it really mean to “Listen to your body”? Is there some secret technique that must be taught, or a language we need to learn first, in order to decode the seemingly illusive messages our body gives us? What does “no” feel like? What does “yes” feel like?


Let Us Love and Learn from Our ‘Treechers’

In light of Moksha Yoga Maple’s Grow Your Yoga 30 Day Challenge starting April 1st, which raises money for the David Suzuki foundation and the restoration of our beautiful forests, this month’s blog post pays homage to our precious trees and shares a few sparkling truths about them.

These mysterious entities hold the treasures of time, having been silent witnesses throughout the ages. If we could entertain the notion that trees possess a certain wisdom and sentience, we might conclude that they know more about our history than we do. If you want to keep a memory alive for as long as possible, you may want to whisper it to the trees. They are, after all, the longest living organisms on the planet.

Kyneret - spinal twist

How I Quit Smoking With Mindfulness And Yoga

If you know me personally, you might be wondering how this health conscious yogi, who is solely dedicated to maintaining the purity of peace within herself and devoted to helping others find wellbeing within themselves, ever smoked even just one cigarette in her life.

But let the truth be known, and the facts be stated: Once upon a time in my old life, I was a smoker with an attraction to all things dangerous and reckless in their nature.

My relationship with cigarettes began at the age of 16 on a clear summer night while hanging out with some high school friends in my neighbourhood park. It was a relationship I’d be trapped in for another 10 years, on and off; a break-up-and-make-up one with that person you just can’t seem to let go of.


4 Biohacks To Help You Survive February

Got the winter blues? You’re not alone. February is said to be one of the hardest months of the year. The pinnacle of winter brings on its full expression and the deprivation of sunlight acts as a torturous reminder that the warmth of summer is still a long way from here.

Many Canadians know all too well the sheer exhaustion and lack of motivation that can follow us around during the long winter months. No matter how much sleep we get, that lethargic feeling always seems to be lurking around and our energy level feels zapped. We may also feel stripped of our enthusiasm and creative mojo, preferring to be in modern-day hibernation mode – a.k.a. Netflix binge-watching – rather than do anything about the dilemma in the first place.


Demystifying Savasana

You may have already heard the silly but lighthearted claim that every time you leave your yoga practice without doing Savasana, a unicorn dies. I know it makes you giggle, but consider this a desperate attempt by your caring yoga teacher to keep you on your yoga mat long enough to acquire the real treasures of your practice and enjoy the fruits of your yogic labours.